When you come to Lash Baby Studio, we don't just treat you as a client that come in to get services. We believe in making every single one of our client feel at home. Our owner Hellen, work tirelessly to create a safe and happy work environment for our staff so that they can bring you the best experience every time you come in.

Book with us - our team is now available for you to book with. We provide lash extensions, full body waxing, teeth whitening services and more.


"I definitely would recommend if your looking for quality services!!!"

By far the best experience I’ve ever had for any service! I get my lashes done on the regular and even got my brows micro bladed and lips tattooed and I have never felt more confident! I’m a pretty picky individual and I always feel heard and leave more than satisfied! Also her set up at her studio is so relaxing and luxurious. I definitely would recommend if your looking for quality services!!! 10/10
-Shayley W

"Well worth the $$ I won't go anywhere else."

Hellen is amazing!! Never disappointed!! Well worth the $$ I won't go anywhere else. -Nicole T

"The space is adorable, clean and cozy."

Love Hellen's commitment to make your lash extensions look quality and suit my eye shape, like one would desire. The space is adorable, clean and cozy. Even plays music I can relax too.
- Brittanee V

" I recommend booking your appointment ASAP."

WOW! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. She made my eyebrows look so good!! The shaping is perfect for my brows. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I never knew my brows could look this good. I recommend booking your appointment ASAP.
- Roxy G

Lash Sensitivity and Allergy:

Have you ever had any sensitivity and allergy that you think was caused by lash adhesive (lash glue)? 
Our owner Hellen, have studied and took a course in lash sensitivity/allergy. She passed down her knowledge that she learned to every lash artist in Lash Baby Studio. 
Most of the clients that came in thinking that they have allergy/sensitivity issue, we were able to lash those clients safely and work with them to conquer their issues.

Note: Please understand that it takes trial and error to figure out how to fix your allergy/sensitivity issues. It might take a couple sessions ton figure out what method work best for you.

Please be aware that you will be lying down from 1-3 hours depends on what appointment you book. We suggest do not intake caffeine before the appointment, go to the bathroom at our studio before the appointment and most importantly just relax and leave it to us!

Do i need to do anything before my appointment?

Welcome to the lash world! You will love it here. If this is your first time, we would recommend booking a set that is more natural like classic or hybrid lash extensions just to see what is best for you the first time. Lashes are very versitille so we can always add more or change the style up as you go. If you already know you like the drama then go ahead and book volume or mega volume lash extensions with us. We love a little drama here (only on lashes lol!)

I have never gotten lash extensions before, what lash set should I book?